Retail Sales Management

Odoo POS- The all in one retail management dashboard

With Odoo you can run the retail sales operations of your company with the dedicated Point Of Sales module available. All the functions are done easily with the dedicated dashboard which supports the retail sales operations from the sale counter of the retail shop. You can run multiple shops which will be merged all under the same Odoo platform providing you with complete control and visibility of retail shop operations.

Odoo Retail Sales Management

Well defined point of sale dashboard

  • Run multiple sessions at an instance
  • Cash counter management
  • Cashier login
  • Barcode scanners
  • Direct invoicing
  • I ntegrated payment terminals
  • Accept cash and card payments
  • Integrated sales management module
  • Loyalty programs

Complete inventory and stock management

Manage the product stock using the dedicated inventory management module that has been defined in Odoo

  • Dedicated and well-defined dashboard

  • Complete control with the advanced tools

  • Serial and lot numbers on products

  • Inventory valuation
  • Define expiry dates on stock

  • Stock forecasting tools

  • Dedicated report generation

  • Real-time stock reports

Integrated Sales management

Run your sales management operations with the dedicated sales management module which is integrated into operations with the point of sale system

  • Dedicated sales order dashboard

  • Include or exclude taxes

  • Direct viability of the stock

  • Generate well defined analytical sales reports
  • Define loyalty programs

  • Run coupons and promotional programs

  • Define multiple pricelists

Product procurement management

Run your product purchase operations with the well-capable and advanced purchase module of Odoo

  • Multiple vendors on single products 
  • Send out requests for quotations 
  • Generate purchase quotations 
  • Define product categories and product variants   
  •  Manage vendor bills
  • Draft out purchase agreements and send them out  
  • Generate tender request 
  • Function with multiple purchase agreements

Why choose Smarten as your Odoo partner?

The retail sale operations are performed differently in various stores therefore a dedicated retail store management tool will not be sufficient enough to manage the operations, you will require customized solutions such as Odoo. The operational quality and effectiveness in management depend on the customization capability of the implementation partner or the service provider. This is where Smarten Technologies comes into operation with multiple years of expertise in Odoo and being a dedicated Odoo ready partner. Over vast clientele will showcase our capabilities in Odoo implementation.